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Covid-19 Pandemic: E-Learning for our Scholarship Recipients

On June 1st, 2020 PromoGuinée distributed tablets to our sponsored students to enable them to continue attending school remotely. The Covid-19 Disease has disrupted the entire world. As a result, students in Guinea have been particularly affected given that extreme poverty is still ubiquitous in the country.
Despite all these challenges, schools and teachers have developed an e-Learning program that allows students to continue attending classes online. However, this solution also presents a challenge for students coming from underprivileged families – who are the target of our scholarship program – because they do not have access to the Internet or the devices needed to allow them to continue their education.
Given all these challenges, we proceeded to distribute tablets and Internet connection passes to help them complete their school year without further disruption.
We wish all of our bright young men and women the best of luck during these challenging times.

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