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SOS: Mariama Oury Diallo

PromoGuinée, in accordance with our strategic goals, recently partnered with other organizations and institutions like NSIA Banque to help a young woman in dire need: Mariama Oury Diallo. She is a physically disabled person from birth and has always been dependent on others like her parents to achieve basic functions like eating, getting out of bed, bathing, etc. Mariama has also dealt with many other medical issues over the years and is bound to a wheelchair, which makes her day-to-day life quite challenging given the level of poverty she and her family endure.

Nevertheless, Mariama Oury managed to get through school and eventually earn a Law degree from the University General Lansana Conte of Sonfonya in Conakry, Guinea. She was also able to gain some work experience in Social media management with the help of her professors, good-willed folks and working with local NGOs.

Our coalition is providing much needed help to Mariama Oury and her family. Today she is receiving medical attention that her parents were not able to afford. She is also receiving more training in computer technologies that will allow her to get a job that can be done remotely. PromoGuinée has provided her with a laptop computer and a year-worth of Internet connection to begin to facilitate the next chapter in her life. We are invested in the pursuit of a better future for Mariama Oury by helping her achieve self-sufficiency.

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