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Sponsoring a child with developmental and learning disabilities

Starting in December 2020, PromoGuinée continuing to work on its mission of pursuing a better future for the youth, decided to sponsor Alpha Barry, a child who comes from a disadvantaged and underprivileged background. In addition the social challenges that his family deals with, Alpha has developmental and learning disabilities that require him to be followed by education and health experts.

The sponsorship was made possible through a partnership with FITIMA (Fondation Internationale Tierno Mariam) a NGO that works in community development, the promotion of women’s rights, and people with disabilities.

Alpha is a charming 5 year-old boy. His mother is a housewife and his father is a koranic school teacher. The family faces heavy financial burdens and has no means to take care of the child’s medical and educational needs. They have been fortunate to receive a helping hand from FITIMA, which is now doing all they can to help the family like they do for countless other families.

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